Lombok Pottery Centre Visit

lombok pottery centre making a bowl

Lombok Pottery Centre Visit

This article was updated on April 4th, 2018 and first published on November 15th, 2012

Chris and I got back a few days ago from our visit to Lombok Pottery Centre (LPC) in beautiful Lombok island, Indonesia.

We had a really productive and interesting trip over three days preparing our next shipment which is currently in production and scheduled for delivery in early 2013.

Meeting the Potters

This visit we were able to meet potters in all three of the LPC villages: Masbagik, Penujak and Banyumulek.

It was great to see the potters making the new range of products, as well as some old favourites.

We took the opportunity to capture the high level of craftsmanship on film, which we’ll be adding more of to our site over the upcoming months. In addition, we did some new product development with the potters.

Our next delivery contains some of these exciting new products.

See the pictures below for photos of the visit and a sneak peak at some of the new products.

While there we also collected more information about LPC for a forthcoming report on the LPC model as a fair trade organisation.

Thanks to Ayu, Rohmi and Ketut for taking the time out to show us around the villages!

Photos from the Visit

Juminah in Masbagik makes a prototype of a new product we have developed in collaboration with LPC.

lombok pottery centre making a bowl

The potters in Masbagik work on the verandas of their homes along the labyrinth of narrow alleyways.

Masbagik village Lombok Indonesia

Inaq Wil makes a deep square fruit bowl – a new product arriving on the next container due to arrive in the UK in early 2013.

lombok pottery centre square bowl making

These bowls are drying. If it looks like rain they will dry them on the verandah, otherwise outside in the sun.

lombok pottery centre drying bowls

Then, the potters fire the pottery in a kiln made of sticks, after which they will cover them in rice ash, which reacts with the oxides to give a jet black finish.

lombok pottery stick kiln

Murdin is the only male member out of 207 potters that work for Lombok Pottery Centre. Here he’s making Rinjanipottery.com’s square black fruit bowl.

lombok pottery centre small black bowl making

Maunah is making a tagine – not a traditional Indonesian cooking dish of course but a product suggestion by Oxfam Australia, and now a bestseller there. This will also be part of our 2013 range.

lombok pottery centre making tagine

Inaq Hadiah makes a pinchbowl, a new product for 2013, on her verandah in Banyumulek.

lombok pottery centre making twin pinch bowls

Chris holding pinchbowls in LPC’s office in Banyumulek, where a batch are awaiting quality control and pre-selection. Those that are rejected by LPC are sold in local markets.

chris holding twin pinch bowls


Here, the potter is adhering two of the four sides of the Kawung Vase to each other.


making kawung vase lombok pottery centre

Tradtionally, local men do the etching. They draw the pattern outline by hand.

lombok pottery centre etching

lombok pottery centre kawung etching

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