5 Cups and Mugs Made by Fair Trade Artisans

Oxfam Australia Haveli Fair Trade Mug Aqua

5 Cups and Mugs Made by Fair Trade Artisans

This article was updated on April 12th, 2018 and first published on March 14th, 2018

When this website was an online store we used to sell coffee cups made by artisans who worked with a fair trade organisation in Bali.

Since Fairtrade mark coffee and tea was so huge we thought that it was only natural to drink it in a cup or mug made by artisans getting paid a fair wage too.

Unfortunately, the artisan group that made the cups in Bali disbanded and we stopped importing the cups.

The quest for new cups took me back to Ecuador, and even Malawi.

But I never stopped keeping my eyes out for great coffee (and tea) cups, and fortunately there are a number of beautiful and practical cups and mugs handmade by artisans in developing countries on the market.

Here are five of my favourite beautifully designed fair trade and/or handmade cups and mugs made in developing countries.

(These sellers ship within/to the UK, and some may ship to other parts of the world too.)

Speckled Blue Mug (Thailand)

Traidcraft Fair Trade Duck Egg Speckled Mug

I really love the duck-egg colour of this mug. It’s the sort of colour and design that would go well in a country kitchen/living room or even a more modern, minimalistic look.

Made by Sang Arun Ceramics in Thailand, sold by Traidcraft in the UK.

Dimensions: H7.5 x Dia. 8.5cm

UK delivery only

Buy at Traidcraft

Haveli Mug (India)Haveli Mug Aqua, Made by Fair Trade Artisans in India

The Oxfam Australia online store has a great range of contemporary-design homewares from around the world. Their cups and mugs (and other products) tend to have a lot of bright colours and interesting motifs, which I love.

This mug comes in three colours: aqua (pictured), green and olive.

It’s made in Khurja, India, by artisans who work with fair trade organisation Aspiration International.

Ships from Australia.

Dimensions: 11x14x9cm

Buy at Oxfam Australia

Fennel Espresso Cup (Thailand)

Dassie Artisan Fair Trade Espresso Cups

If you like to kick-start your day with an espresso made using Fairtrade coffee, then what better way than to drink it from an espresso cup made by fair trade artisans.

I like the solid colour of these cups with the second tone providing just a bit of variation and earthiness to help them stand out from your average cup. They come in three colours and would make a lovely gift for yourself or a coffee-lover.

Dassie Artisan is British Association of Fair Trade Shops member.

Buy at Dassie Artisan

Coffee Mug, Snow White (Vietnam/Cambodia)

Nom Living Coffee Mug

This cup just looks like it is made for drinking coffee. At 250ml/9cm diameter it’s a nice size for a V60 (my preference), or of course any other style coffee you like.

I like the natural, earthy texture and the rustic finish.

Sold by Nom Living, based in the UK, who have been working with artisans in Vietnam and Cambodia for over 20 years.

Dimensions: D9cm x H7.5cm (Approx) 250ml

Buy at Nom Living

Arabesque Mug (Palestine)

Bethlehem Fair Trade Association Olive Mug

If you prefer a bit more fun and colour, this mug might be for you. It comes in four different colours: green, yellow, red, and blue. I think I like the green and yellow ones the best.

They also offer a huge range of sizes and styles including cups with saucers.

Made by artisans working with Bethlehem Fair Trade, a fair trade organisation, it ships directly from  Palestine so you’d probably want to order a few to spread out the delivery costs.

Buy at Bethlehem Fair Trade

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