Where to Buy Products Hand Made by Fair Trade Artisans

This article was updated on April 12th, 2018 and first published on March 23rd, 2018

If you’re looking to buy or even source products made by artisans there are numerous small and large stores offering a wide selection of products from around the world.


Due to the sheer quantity and a continually changing sector, rather than try to maintain a complete list of online stores selling goods made by artisans I’ve highlighted some larger ones or ones with interesting new models that sell products made by a wide range of artisans and groups.


For more detailed lists of organisations supporting artisans and selling their wares, check out:


Artisan Alliance

British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers

Fair Trade Federation

World Fair Trade Organisation

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Oxfam Australia

A beautiful homewares range – the colours tend to be bright and they sometimes collaborate with designers to create exclusive ranges made by artisans.


Altro Mercato

One of the world’s leading fair trade stores, with an online store and physical shops around Italy and other parts of Europe, they have a fantastic range of homewares made by artisans. The colours and designs of their ceramic tea and coffee pots and cups stand out.



Based in the Netherlands, Discovered is an artisan marketplace where the artisans ship to customers directly from the country of origin. It’s an interesting concept with a clear, well-designed website.

United Kingdom


One of the only shops in the UK that sells fair trade furniture. Their products are crafted from wood in India. Also has a nice range of furnishings.



One of the UK’s largest and oldest fair trade specialist stores. It has a decent range of homewares and fairtrade food items.

United States

Matr Boomie

Wide range of jewelry, home decor and apparel made by artisans in India. The style of the products is based on traditional techniques.



Marketplace for fair trade artisan products, with a huge range of high quality items. Prices are determined by the artisans and checked by Novica regional offices and shipped directly to the buyer. Ships to over 100 countries.


Ten Thousand Villages

One of America’s oldest and most established fair trade stores, they work closely with the artisan groups (they’ve done great work with Lombok Pottery Centre in Indonesia), and have a wide range of artisan-made products.

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